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Tales of Catmurai

Bottled cocktail series for Bar Buonasera HK

​Who is Catmurai?

Gender: Male

Age: 4 years and 6 months old

Address: Lives alone in shabby shed on the edge of Kyoto city

Family: Mother (deceased), Father (unknown), Old Samurai (deceased)

Clothing: Samurai uniform that Old Samurai made, and a sword Old Samurai gave him for his 1-year-old birthday

Hobby: Helping the underprivileged during the day; drinking and be attracted by beautiful women at night


Once upon a time in a lovely April morning, there was a skinny female cat wandering around in Kyoto city. She passed by a fish stall that was just opened for business, and spotted some fresh caught on several rattan baskets right outside the stall...

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