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Tales of Catmurai


Age: 4 years and 6 months old

Address: Lives alone in shabby shed on the edge of Kyoto city

Family: Mother (deceased), Father (unknown), Old Samurai (deceased)

Clothing: Samurai uniform that Old Samurai made, and a sword Old Samurai gave him for his 1-year-old

Hobby: Helping the underprivileged during the day; drinking and beautiful women at night



Once upon a time in a lovely April morning, there was a skinny female cat wandering around in Kyoto city. She passed by a fish stall that was just opened for business, and spotted some fresh caught on several rattan baskets right outside the stall. She quickly checked for the human owner, none in sight, then moved sneakily towards the baskets. Suddenly the stall guard dog, twice her size, walked out from a neighboring stall and saw her. The dog barked madly and darted across the street to chase after her. In a split second she thought to herself, if she give up this fish there may be sufficient time to flee. However she snatched a small fish anyway, and ran for her life like there was no tomorrow.

Still, the dog was much stronger. The skinny cat was wounded. Miraculously she managed to get rid of the dog and reached home. Oh look! There was a little kitten waiting hungrily for her return! The skinny cat gave her kitten the small fish. She watched her baby feast on it hastily and smiled. She went to sleep that night, and never woke up.

Next morning, the kitten had no idea why Mommy did not move or open her eyes at all. It was hungry again so it cried for her attention. Yet there was no reply. The kitten cried even louder. Out of no where, an enormous human hand scooped the kitten out of their nest. The kitten was terrified it tried to bite the hand as hard as it could, yet the human hand didn't even move one finger. Eventually the kitten became tired and felt asleep.

When it opened its eyes, it couldn't believe what it sees...TBC

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